Welcome to CardanoStaker.IO ADA Staking Pool

If you hold any Cardano ADA in your Yoroi or a Daedalus wallet then we welcome you to join our staking pool. By joining this pool, you will just delegate your wallet, sit back and watch your incentives grow day after day. We are committed to keep this pool up running and monitored 24x7 365 days a year.


We’re a small group of experienced tech gurus who have been working in the InfoTech industry for over 20+ years who strongly believed that crypto currencies and blockchain technologies will lead today's world to a better prosperous future since its very early days when it first started with Bitcoin.

We saw that a project like Cardano has what it takes to succeed as fully digital smart economy system and we realized that it will soon become a real game changer in the blockchain and the crypto space with real use cases and it was created to offer concrete solutions for people, businesses and untrusted intermediaries.

We decided that we need to participate and contribute to the Cardano project to help it achieve what it needs to do and be where it needs to be today and in the future. we knew that decentralization is a key step for the project to succeed and move forward. hence the idea of creating “CardanoStaker” Pool was born to “stake” part of that great project.


We are currently running our Incentivized Testnet Staking Pool (ITN). If your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet had any ADA funds in it during the TestNet snapshot that took place last month on Nov 29 2019, then you are eligible to delegate your wallet with us and earn real ADA incentives.

To join the CardanoStaker Pool, simply download and install the incentivized testnet wallet form the official Cardano Shelley ITN website. After installing your wallet, choose to restore a new wallet using the same recovery phrase as your mainnet wallet during the snapshot. Once your wallet is restored, you should be able to search for “CSPL” pool and delegate your wallet to.

- Ticker: CSPL
- Pool ID: 8a218408a911d1fe47b971e1ff6f96a1011203867b40014a35256aa6957b720a
- Tax Ratio: 10%

Please note that the above information applies only on the Incentivized Testnet staking pool, we will be posting new information regarding the Mainnet staking pool when it becomes available.

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